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The Spoonie Struggle

Sep 15, 2021

Episode 35: Boronia Fallshaw's Story of Living With Vulvodynia

In this episode, Boronia Fallshaw discusses her experience with vulvodynia. Beginning with her first experience with intercourse at age 18, Boronia began to experience vulvodynia. In this condition, every time a person has sex, it feels like they have razor blades inside them. The pain can last for days afterward, including swelling, painful urination, and discomfort when sitting down. She started to feel like less of a woman and felt like she was losing her identity. The doctors told her that her problem was psychological and brushed it off. She didn’t feel like she could disclose to friends, which felt really isolating. For a long time, she persevered and had painful sex. She didn’t feel comfortable fully disclosing to her sexual partners. Her gynecologist told her that the symptoms would pass on their own. She sought numerous other opinions, and saw a psychotherapist to try to minimize the symptoms and pain. Eventually, she gave up and ignored it. In her early 20s, she found a new gynecologist, who provided her with creams and treatments, set her up with a pelvic physical therapist, and biofeedback treatment for her symptoms. She tried it for a while, with minimal assistance from the treatment. She also did Pilates. However, she found that CBD and masturbation were the only things that helped with her symptoms.


She noted that communication in the bedroom is key. Nowadays, she speaks up if she is in pain and redirects things to more comfortable sexual activities. She also takes things back to doing all sorts of sexual activities, not just intercourse. She has tried baths with magnesium salts, meditation, douching, boric acid supplements, and changed her diet, but none helped. She recommends having a safe confidant that you can talk to about anything. She currently copes with self-affirmations and journaling.

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