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The Spoonie Struggle

Sep 8, 2021

Episode 34: Health Coaching For Teens With Guest Denise Archilla, MSW

In this episode, guest Denise Archilla discusses chronic illness coaching! Some struggles young folks with chronic illnesses face include unpredictability of age during a time of transition, trying to blend in with peers, social media, people being able to video tape mistakes, accessing education, friendships, friend groups changing, limitations in things they can do with their friends, fatiguing easily, not being able to keep up with friends, judgment of others when you don’t look sick,and  being seen in public with a wheelchair or feeding tube. For schools, issues include absences, if they are homeschooling vs able to attend school in person, accommodations, being comfortable using accommodations,and  dealing with symptoms of chronic illness while in school. With family, struggles include parents removing their autonomy and independence, family members not understanding, sibling issues, family members not believing the young adult, family members not wanting to hear about the condition, family undermining treatment, and breaches in boundaries.

She recommends finding a strong social support network, finding a group of friends with chronic illness, finding someone to help you navigate through difficult periods in life, and acknowledge and stick to  your limits.

Disclosure is up to you. To help advocate for yourself,  can be responsible for self-care and your medication, educate yourself on your condition, journal, educate others around you about your condition, set boundaries about the information you are taking in, find allies, and set yourself up for success.


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