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The Spoonie Struggle

Jun 28, 2021

Episode 22: Let's Talk About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a condition defined by prolonged pain and inflammation following an injury to the arm or leg. Symptoms include constant or fluctuating pain after contact or use, changes in skin temperature, skin color, swelling of the affected limb, abnormal sweating and nail and hair growth, stiffness in the affected joints, wasting away or excess bone growth,and impaired muscle strength and movement. CPRS is caused by injury to peripheral sensory nerves and can be caused by fractures, surgery, strains and sprains, burns, cuts, or limb immobilization. The condition is diagnosed after a detailed examination, but can also be diagnosed via nerve conduction study, MRI, and bone scans. Treatment includes physical therapy, psychotherapy, graded motor imagery, medication, spinal cord stimulation, neurostimulation, pain pumps, and alternative therapies.



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Managing Symptoms

Clinical Guidelines

Coping With Chronic Illness

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RSD Foundation

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