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The Spoonie Struggle

Sep 1, 2021

Episode 33: Paul Forchione's Story of Living With Cerebral Palsy

In this episode, Paul Forchione shares his story of living with Cerebral Palsy. He was diagbnosed with CP at 2-3 months old. The CP affects mostly his right side. He started physical therapy on a daily basis, which allowed him to learn to walk. Surgery on the tendon on the right side of his foot also helped improve his mobility. His increased mobility after this surgery helped him feel like he was able to fit in with his peers better. He experienced discrimination by peers in middle school. He also experienced discrimination from the principal after performing poorly on one test. After that, he decided to set a goal for himself to make the varsity baseball team in high school. This goal helped give him more confidence, and the kids in his school started treating him more kindly. This goal was so successful that he set another goal of getting into college and he then raised his GPA high enough to go to a 4-year university and graduate from college.

For a long time, he didn’t want to disclose to people about his CP. It upset him greatly. Eventually, he realized the benefit of vulnerability and began to disclose about his condition. He copes by setting goals for himself and changing his mindset. For maintenance of his condition, he continues to exercise his body.



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