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The Spoonie Struggle

Oct 29, 2021

Episode 41: Using Massage and Movement for Pain Management With Guest Sam Visnic

In this episode, guest Sam Visnic discusses using physical therapy, movement, and massage therapy to assist with chronic pain management. When working with a new client, he always starts with a thorough evaluation and plan. He stresses the importance of sleep on reducing symptoms of chronic pain. He works with them to mimic doing manual therapy and movement therapy exercises on their own. He does a lot of experimenting and trial and error to figure out what works best for the individual. Different types of pain respond better to different types of techniques. He discussed how and why myofascial release works and ways to make it more effective and less painful. He discussed the importance of language around treatment. He talks about the misinformation about trigger points. He explained how skin stretching can be an effective home myofascial release technique. His movement techniques include mirroring movements from the tight side on the opposite side and vice versa. He discussed breathing and exhalation strategies. He discussed issues with posture and ergonomics and when those issues come into play. Cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep can be incredibly helpful for pain management.





Neuromuscular Therapy

Myofascial Release










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